aspireAI – Analytics and Insights

Leveraging the power of our advanced consumer trending and segmentation software and APIs, aspireAI will help you glean competitive insights in order to create a consistent branding strategy for bringing more customers through the door–and keeping them there!

Tap into Big Marketing Data for Serious Business!

Today’s business owners or marketers don’t have time or money to play a game of ‘guess-and-check’ with their advertising budget. Luckily, with Aspire North’s SaaS offering (software-as-a-solution) – aspireAI -they don’t have to! Customers access aspireAI directly through a cloud-based user interface or utilize our robust, RESTful APIs

Easily upload a client list into our system or tap into our APIs to get rich profiles or insights about your customers along with details of your market penetration within your chosen markets. Or, build a trove acquisition targets with our powerful list building tools.

Intelligently focus your marketing investment by:

  • Analyzing your client data
  • Identifying potential new channels
  • Anticipating customer behavior
  • Choosing your audience
  • Creating targeted acquisition, retention, and referral campaigns
  • Allocating your precious time and financial resources appropriately
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