Market your Dealership to In-Market Auto Buyers

Insite Realtime GEO – Auto Shopper

What We Learned After Tracking 290 Million Auto Records

  1. Consumers, on average, visit 3.78 dealer lots before purchasing a vehicle.
  2. Vehicle purchase rates are the same at 61-130 days as compared to 1-60 days.
  3. 70% of consumers who purchase a vehicle do not purchase from the first lot they visited.
  4. Per NADA, 78% of consumers don’t give their name to dealership associates.
  5. There is plenty of time to market to these In-Market Auto Shoppers.

Our Process

Using patented GEO-Framing technology, our solution identifies Auto Shoppers as they physically enter the dealer lots while simultaneously suppressing dealership employees. Using Experian data with advance analytics, we qualify prospects and determine segmentation strategies for optimal effectiveness. We then execute targeted campaigns to qualified in-market Auto Shoppers with direct mail, email, digital or social ads.

  1. Dealer Lots are GEO-Framed
  2. Mobile Devices are Identified Entering the Dealer Lot
  3. Identified Mobile Devices are Connected to the Devices’ Home Addresses
  4. Identified Home Addresses are Linked to Experian for Enhancement & Lead Scoring
  5. Suppression of Dealership Employees
  6. Qualified Auto Shoppers are Sent Relevant Marketing Communications
  7. Match-back Processing of Client’s Transactional Data to the Marketing Lists Reveals ROI


  1. GEO-Framing technology captures and inventories devices within a one square meter area.
  2. Match devices back to their home address at scale.
  3. Verify and qualify the prospective Auto Shopper using Experian, which is the Gold Standard in 3rd party marketing data.
  4. We use up to 400 consumer characteristics and 71 Mosaic market segmentations to create one-to-one communications that increase conversions.